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About Synergeo One

SynergeoSynergeo One was estabilished in 2002 offering fully developed, quickly scalable business processes that leverage economies of scale and leading-edge technology to achieve success.

We believe in providing our customers – Quality at the right Price. Our motto in this regard is "You will come to us for Price but stay for Quality”. As the Customer Care industry continues to focus both on results and cost management, offshore outsourcing of select business processes has become a proven method for attaining high collection rates and reducing operating costs.

By providing interactive solutions, we make technology more valuable by asking its users to shape the future with us. By increasing productivity and exceeding expectations, we provide organizations with technology that improves their performance. We endeavour through strategy, design, usability and technology to help clients increase productivity while improving their users' experiences to cause a reaction and build brand loyalty.

In addition to reducing costs, outsourcing to Synergeo delivers speed, flexibility and round-the-clock productivity.

With our vision, client focus, and a commitment to operational excellence, Synergeo has become the premier provider of diversified business process and outsourcing services offering innovative and effective solutions for clients around the world.

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