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Synergeo"The greatest risk for any business is that of losing its customers. According to Forrester Research, 80% of customers will never go back to a company after a bad experience ... You simply cannot afford for your customers to fall in that group."

Synergeoone enables its clients to focus primarily on development of their web applications and software products by providing reliable, high quality end-user service to their customers, 24x7 remote server administration services and also software testing to ensure high quality before going to market. We have invested in creating an extended service infrastructure and server administration service specifically for software companies and our product service team is a combination of domain and technology experts.

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Technical Help for Web Applications

Web applications are becoming ever more widely seen in the market, as the rapid growth of the Software as a Service approach. The fact that such applications are available to the entire world 24x7 means that the demands on service can become onerous soon after the launch of a service.

Providing round-the-clock service in the Western world is often difficult and expensive to achieve. The cost associated with that can mean that companies simply do not provide it condemning many if their customers to poor service with long response times. In other cases, the cost of providing good service may make the web application non-viable as a project.

Technical Help for Software Products

Whereas Web Applications operate in a clear and known environment, Software Products can be designed to run in a variety of environments – desktop, local client-server configurations, intranets, etc. This can give rise to more complex service needs and a wider variety of technical problems that must be handled. Often remote access to the client’s computer is necessary to solve issues.

Many Software Products are aimed at specific niche markets where knowledge of the specifics of that niche is essential to provide a good service service.

Features of Technical Help

We work with you to set up an appropriate training program for our staff. This may be done via web-based training or may involve a period at your site to gain deep knowledge.

Using a combination of best-of-breed software technologies, we then integrate the best service environment for your product. Synergeoone provides an innovative approach that enables us, together with our web application provider and product creator clients, to put together the infrastructure to service their products adequately, including:

The product service environment can then be integrated with live service provided through web, chat, e-mail and voice. This also becomes the best way to feed product knowledge accumulated through the various service channels back into the product improvement process for future product releases, thereby completing a virtuous cycle and maximizing ROI.

Benefits of Outsourcing Product or Software Technical Help Services:

Outsourced QA

Software Testing is a complex process, which calls for great knowledge and expertise. We have a team of quality assurance specialists, some with degrees in software testing, who have the ability and knowledge of expertly conducting high-end tests. Our complete, performance-related testing services such as performance analysis, benchmarking, load/stress testing and performance tuning are tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

We have over a decade's experience in working with commercial tools of Quality Engineering and Testing. Our deep understanding of the field has empowered us to develop a wide range of tools for synthetic load generation, performance monitoring and automatic report generation.

Our professional testing teams skillfully tune the data stores underlying applications i.e. databases, LDAP servers and web servers. We provide cutting-edge testing services for applications that are stand-alone, client/server or web-based. We have set up numerous automated and interactive regression test environments, which ensure that the future releases of the application will be of superior quality and will be delivered as per schedule.

Offerings include:

Various testing tools are used for the automated testing process:

Quick Test Professional (QTP): Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application. It is primarily used for functional regression test automation. QTP uses a scripting language built on top of VBScript to specify the test procedure, and to manipulate the objects and controls of the application under test.

WinRunner:It is used to quickly create and run sophisticated automated tests on your application. Winrunner helps you automate the testing process, from test development to execution. You create adaptable and reusable test scripts that challenge the functionality of your application.

LoadRunner: The Virtual User Generator allows us to determine what actions we would like our Vusers, or virtual users, to perform within the application. We create scripts that generate a series of actions, such as logging on, navigating through the application, and exiting the program. The Controller takes the scripts that we have made and runs them through a schedule that we set up. We tell the Controller how many Vusers to activate, when to activate them, and how to group the Vusers and keep track of them.
The Results and Analysis program gives us all the results of the load test in various forms. It allows us to see summaries of data, as well as the details of the load test for pinpointing problems or bottlenecks.

Test Director: Its four modules Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defects are seamlessly integrated, allowing for a smooth information flow between various testing stages. The completely Web-enabled TestDirector services high levels of communication and collaboration among distributed testing teams, driving a more effective, efficient global application-testing process.

Rational Robot: For functional testing for an client/server application we have also used IBM Rational Robot.

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