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Planet Earth 3D

Planet Earth 3D is a great iPad app that can help you learn about our home more than ever before and easier than ever before. Everything is presented in an easy to read format. So easy that anyone can read and understand. It is an excellent learning tool. It’s also an excellent teaching tool if you want to share the knowledge with your family and friends.

Favorite Places

Everyone has their favorite places, whether they're the best restaurants in town or an important place that they want to revisit later on. Favorite Places is an App that can help you record all of your favorite places or places that you want to keep, just in case. Don't know the address of a place? No problem. You can record a place in 3 ways, which are through taking a picture of the place, or through its gps location, or through the tradition address. This is a single App that will be very useful in many real life situations.

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