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Application Service

SynergeoSynergeo expertise in Application service and maintenance has seen a long list of partnerships with customers, Synergeo offers a cost effective solution to customers through Focus on performance measures and continuous improvement besides Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Our operational model dictates aspects of IT operations necessary to align our technology strategy with corporate business objectives, develop best fit solutions for equipping and empowering our professional staff, architect the appropriate enabling technologies, and condense these materials into build documents, SOW’s, and contracts such that they can be provided to outsourcing organizations who provide the required services as a matter of core competency. The intent is to manage service delivery from a ‘price point’ and SLA basis.

The intent is not to diminish the value of any organization’s work effort, rather to create an operational definition of ‘brawn’ as any set of tasks that can be delivered against our standards and managed in the context of price and service quality, regardless of the complexity of the task.

We believe this approach will allow us to better control costs, improve adoption of global standards, enhance our agility with regard to technology, and better leverage the IT knowledge.

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